National Bike Challenge

Each year from May to October the Cranks compete in the NBC and the local challenge. Ditch "car culture" and ride 1 mile or 100. 

Join a weekly ride. 

Plenty of rides during the week for you to join. Come by QCB and find out the scoop. We post often to our Facebook page. Crank signal is up!

Come Ride with the Crank Mafia

Vehicular Riding and Taking the Lane.

Did you know that Charlotte has some impressive greenways and rail-trails that connect Charlotte from neighborhood to neighborhood? We use them almost everyday to connect people, connect Charlotte. 

Greenways and Trailways

One of the best features of rolling with the Crank Mafia is that we learn everyday from the family about bike related issues. Need a light, or a new wheel set? Going on a biking trip, and want to know about what to pack? We have people that love to share their experiences, and help you make it happen. 

The Cult of Bike

The Crank Mafia was formed in 2013, when five friends (Leisure McCorkle, Pel Deal, Miguel Johnson, Geoff Endlich, and Scott Sanders) began to ride around town and spread the awesomeness of life on a bicycle in Charlotte, NC. Soon thereafter they were joined by Scott "Yamo" Yamanashi and a crazy cast of "Craig's" that began a fellowship of utilitarian and recreational cyclists. As of 2015, there are almost 400 members of the Crank Mafia, that has slowly expanded around the US, and internationally. The Crank Mafia has no leader. 

Crank Mafia History




Schwag Daddy and the Sticker Pimps.

No one has better SCHWAG and Stickers than the CM. Pick up your Crank gear at Crank HQ aka QCB. Wear it like you mean it. 

Not only can you ride on greenways and rail-trails in Charlotte. Many of us support the philosophy and practice of "Vehicular Riding," where we ride safely and effectively around the city and region as a vehicle supported by NC law to "take the full lane" in traffic. Come ride with us and we can show you why this is an effective way to commute. 


Help us make Charlotte a better cycling community. 

It's "all about the bike" right? The Crank Mafia wants you to help us "create" something special here in Charlotte - Bike Culture. How can we use cycling to better our community, better our lives?